St Martin within Ludgate London - 24th November 2003

The narrow road and busy traffic made getting a decent picture impossible. 

St. Martin was probably founded by King Cadwallo, Father to the great Cadwallader. He was a valiant British King, who died Nov. 20, 667, and his Body was buried in the church, and his Image of Brass afterwards placed upon the Gate, for a Terror to the Saxons.

After the ruinations of the Great Fire, the church was rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren.

It is well worth a visit - the interior is stunning. The west wall of the church is part of the old medieval city wall.

The Church is dedicated to St Martin of Tours, a soldier, and is the Regimental Chapel of the Middlesex Yeomanry. It is also the Chapel of the Society of the Honourable Knights of the Round Table and is used by some of the City Guilds for their special services.

St Martin within Ludgate, Ludgate Hill, London, 24th November 2003 - MTC

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