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Alan Loze

Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

2008 Mark Collins


The Roughwood Photography Service

Following enquiries, I am pleased to be able to offer the following digital photography services. 

Further enquiries and orders please use this email address:

Commissioned Service

For family history researchers or genealogists, I offer a bespoke photography service to capture images of your ancestral home(s), villages and churches in Kent and Sussex.

For a 4 hour (half day) photography session I charge 85 plus travelling expenses.  These are 25 pence per mile for the journey to and from the location from my home in Burwash, Sussex.  When two half day sessions are combined (for example two separate locations) the charge will be 160 per day. Travelling expenses are always charged based on actual distance travelled, and travelling time is counted in the purchased time.

I will always try and undertake such commissions when the weather is good, however I cannot guarantee the conditions when the pictures are taken.

For digital photography, all the photographs taken during the sessions will be dispatched according to the terms in the "What you get" section below.

If you require the images to be printed, please see the options below.

Purchase of Photographs from Stock

For high resolution versions of any of the photographs and images on the Roughwood website, or images from my stock (ask - the web site only contains a selection of my pictures, although there are unlikely to be any of places or churches which are not featured on the site), the charges are as follows.

1 - 10 images ~ 1.40 per image
11 - 20 images ~ 1.35 per image
21 - 30 image ~  1.30 per image
31- 40 images ~ 1.25 per image
41 - 50 images ~ 1.20 per image
Above 50 images, 1.10 per image

All + dispatch and shipping surcharges (see "What you get", below)

Such images, once purchased, may be used on web sites and small volume written works such as personal family histories.  They may also be used for displays, charitable events and other such purposes.

Free use

The low resolution photographs on the web site may be used, on personal and non-profit making websites or in personal, non-commercial family history write-ups providing the following conditions are met:

  • Permission is obtained prior to any use

  • The image is not used for commercial gain, such as a fee charging web site or printed publication

  • Any use on the internet is accompanied by a credit ("Image Roughwood, used by permission") together with a link back to the Roughwood main page (

  • Any use in a printed document is accompanied by the text "Image, used by permission"

I will also consider favourably allowing the use high resolution images for "good causes" - examples may include church restoration funds, appeals etc - please contact me with your requests.

Commercial use

If you wish to purchase my photographs for commercial use, please contact me to discuss terms.

What you get

Photographs may be supplied in three possible ways:

a. using a non published web location to allow you to copy the files to your own computer

No dispatch surcharge - the easiest option if you have a broadband connection to the internet.

b. by email - suitable for small quantity only

No dispatch surcharge

c. by CD - I can write the files to a CD and post it to you

5 per CD surcharge irrespective of the number of photographs + shipping charge (see below)
(Note : For single files I may choose to send it on a floppy disc at my discretion)

d.  can also arrange printing using a local photographic printer

Costs and terms for this to be agreed at time of order - charges will depend on print size, turn around time and the number of pictures ordered.


I prefer to be paid  by Paypal - it is quick and doesn't cost the buyer anything,

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

or by direct transfers to my bank account - most convenient for those with Internet Banking and for larger amounts where the Paypal charges are best avoided.

I will, in addition accept personal cheques drawn on an account held by a UK bank.

Payment must be received before any pictures are dispatched or location visit takes place.

Shipping charge

I charge postage at cost plus a flat rate charge of 50p for packing.

Can't see the service/product you want - just ask and I am sure something can be arranged!


I retain the copyright ownership on all my photographs.

The proceeds from photograph sales are used to fund the ongoing development and extension of this website.