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Alan Loze

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Apart from historic photographs, unless otherwise stated, all photos on this site were taken by  members of my family. 

Please don't republish them without my permission.  Thanks.

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Loze Family History

Having gone completely bananas, I have decided to do some work on Alan's family tree as well as my own, largely triggered by an email from Alan's cousin, Reg Loze in Cornwall.  Here at last are the results of our initial delving into his ancestral lines; much more to do!

These links will access the surname list and timeline for the entire Loze database, including all families whether or not there is a proved connection to Alan's ancestral lines:

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NOTE: The LOZE database is completely separate to the COLLINS database and therefore any database reference numbers identifying families or people (where given) are only unique to the database where they appear.

 If any information is of interest please email me!

This data was updated on
Friday 19 April 2003

I would in particular like to acknowledge and thank the following people, whose dedication and willingness to share the fruits of their family knowledge and research  Hopefully in some small way we have been able to help them too.

 Reg Loze Truro, Cornwall, England

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