Ruins of windmill, South Chailey, Sussex - 27th March 2004

Unlike the mill in North Chailey, the one in South Chailey has not stood the test of time well.  All that remains is part of the base.

Windmill ruins, South Chailey, Sussex, 27th March 2004 - MTC

I have been provided with information about various Sussex windmills from  Simon Potter who runs a brilliant site about Sussex Mills where I learnt that this was a smock mill built at Yokehurst in 1790 and moved here in 1808/9. Inside the shell is a date stone "I WICKER 1813". Mr Nicholas Olive was the owner in 1790 and the date stone may well be the mark of a miller in 1813 or commemorated raising the mill. The Hamshar family came soon after and were here until 1862, when Henry Hamshar died.

The white smock mill with a fantail started life with common sweeps. Later converted to two spring sweeps and two commons, and finished her working life with two patent sweeps driving a pair of burrs and a pair of peak stones. The was around 1887. The mill had been damaged in 1884 by a gale resulting in the removal of two sweeps. Most of the machinery was taken out by 1890 and the shell then became derelict.

More information on this and other wind and water mills may be found on the excellent  Windmill World site.

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