Family [F778]



Charles PRITCHARD [P2225] = Maude Victoria COLE [P4568]

Married 1898, Tenbury District, Worcestershire, England1


Born ABT 1872, Eastham, Worcestershire, England2

Maude Victoria

Alias Maude Victoria PRITCHARD
Born 1877, Dudley, Worcestershire, England


Belinda Maud [P2224] = William Alfred MONK [P144] > Family [F65]

Married 28 Nov 1934, St Paul's Church, Grindrod, BC, Canada

Belinda Maud

Alias Belinda Maude MONK (28/11/19??)
Born 30 May 1908, Eastham, Worcestershire, England3
Died 1996
Buried Cliffside Cemetery, Enderby, BC, Canada

William Alfred

Born 4 Mar 1910, Grindrod, British Columbia, Canada4
Died 14 Jan 2003, Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada5

William Alfred Monk
William Alfred Monk

William Alfred Monk
William Alfred Monk


1 : "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
December quarter 1898, Tenbury District, Volume 6c, Page 439

2 : ; Secondary evidence
1881 census for Black House, Eastham, Worcestershire has age 9, birth place Eastham

3 : ; Primary evidence
Eileen Kernaghan

4 : ; Primary evidence
Information from Bill's daughter Eileen

5 : ; Primary evidence
Email from his daughter Eileen Kernaghan

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