Family [F613]



Harry DENTON [P1726] = Lucy Mary HALLETT1 [P1716]

Married 12 Oct 1907, St Marks Church, Broadwater Down, Sussex2


Born 18783
From: Hurstwood Cottage, Rusthall4
Occupation: Telephone worker5

Lucy Mary

Alias Lucy Mary DENTON
Born 27 Mar 1885, Cobden Cottage, London Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent6
From: 39 Eridge Road7


1 : ; Primary evidence
Name on marriage register

2 : ; Primary evidence
Marriage register, St Marks Church, P122 #244

2a: ; Primary evidence
Marriage certificate, aged 22, address him Hurstwood Cottages, Rusthall, Her 39 Eridge Road, witnesses William Hallett & Clara Annie Hallett

3 : ; Primary evidence
Age given as 29 on marriage register
William Hallett
Clara Ann Hallett

4 : ; Primary evidence
Address on marriage register

5 : ; Primary evidence
Occupation telephone worker on marriage register

6 : ; Primary evidence
Age given as 22 on marriage certificate

6a: ; Primary evidence
Birth certificate - copy obtained

7 : ; Primary evidence
39 Eridge Road is address on marriage register

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