Family [F334]



William Stacey TIPPETT [P860] = Mary (?Anne) Jane CARNE1 [P861]

Married 20 Nov 1873, St Columb District, Cornwall, England2

William Stacey

Born ABT 1850, St Columb Major, Cornwall3
Christened 21 May 1850, St Columb Major, Cornwall
Occupation: Stonemason, Builder4

Mary (?Anne) Jane

Alias Mary (?Anne) Jane BENNEY
Alias Mary (?Anne) Jane TIPPETT (20 Nov 1873)
Born ABT 1851, St Columb Minor, Cornwall, England5


1 : ; Primary evidence
1901 census gives name Mary P Tippett - may be a transcription error for Mary J

1a: ; Secondary evidence
Marriage entry on BMD index has name as Mary Jane Carne

2 : "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
December Quarter 1873; Columb District; Volume 5c; Page 184

3 : ; Primary evidence
Birthplace confirmed in the 1881 census and the 1851 census

3a: ; Primary evidence
Age given as 31 on 1881 census

3b: ; Primary evidence
1901 census for Mount Wise, Newquay has age 51, birth place St Clement Mayor (St Columb Major, transcription error).

4 : ; Primary evidence
1871 census has occupation stonemason

4a: ; Primary evidence
1901 census has occupation builder (employer)

5 : ; Primary evidence
1881 census for 7 East Back Lane, St Columb Major, Cornwall, England has age 30 birthplace St Columb minor

5a: ; Primary evidence
1901 census for Mount Wise, Newquay gives age as 50, place of birth St Clement Minor (transcription error for St Columb)

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