Family [F2718]



= Harriett HALLETT [P3468]


Born 19 Oct 1820, Rotherfield, Sussex, England1
Christened 17 Dec 1820, Rotherfield, Sussex, England2
Occupation: Servant, Housekeeper3


Martha [P8385]

Born 1853, Mayfield, Sussex, England4
Christened 1 May 1853, Hadlow Down, Sussex, England5


1 : ; Primary evidence
Date of birth is written on the baptism register

1a: ; Primary evidence
1841 census for Pinehurst House, Rotherfield has age 20

1b: ; Secondary evidence
1851 census for Stonehouse has age 29, birthplace Rotherfield living in her grandfather Thomas's house with his son Horace and grand-daughter Ruth

2 : "Rotherfield Baptism Register"; Primary evidence
Abode Mark Cross, Occupation of father Labourer

3 : ; Primary evidence
1841 census for Pinehurst House, Rotherfield has Harriett, aged 20 working as a servant

3a: ; Secondary evidence
1861 census has occupation Housekeeper, living with her widowed father and sisters Naomi and Ruth, also her daughter Martha.

4 : ; Secondary evidence
Aged 8, living with her mother and grandfather in the 1861 census.

4a: ; Secondary evidence
June quarter 1853, Uckfield district, Volume 2b, Page 80

5 : "International Genealogical Index"; Secondary evidence
Batch C152051

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