Family [F2636]



Frederick George WELLS [P8192] = BOURNE [P8193]

Frederick George

From: Maidstone, Kent

Alias Bourne WELLS


Frederick Howard [P8187] = Alice Elizabeth HALLETT [P1730] > Family [F2634]

Married 15 Dec 1937, Register Office, Brentford, Middlesex1

Frederick Howard

Born 27 Dec 1917
Died 15 Apr 1949
Occupation: Chemists assistant2

Alice Elizabeth

Alias Teresa Elizabeth VAUGHAN
Alias Alice Elizabeth WELLS (1937)
Born 6 Jan 1917, Camberwell district3
Died 28 Sep 20094

Teresa Elizabeth Vaughan alias Alice Elizabeth Hallet
Teresa Elizabeth Vaughan alias Alice Elizabeth Hallet


1 : "Marriage Certificate"; Primary evidence
Him 19(batchelor), her 20 (spinster). Withnesses FG Wells, WE Wells. Bride gives both her names on the certificate.

2 : ; Primary evidence
Chemists assistant is occupation at marriage.

3 : ; Secondary evidence
March quarter, 1917, Camberwell district, Vol 1d, Page 1438

4 : ; Primary evidence
From her son, John Wells.

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