Family [F2447]



= Emma Oprah BROOMAN [P3816]

Married 1898, Uckfield District, Sussex, England1

Emma Oprah

Born ABT 1870, Rotherfield, Sussex, England2


1 : "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
March quarter 1898, Uckfield district, Volume 2b, Page 185

2 : ; Primary evidence
1881 census for Rocks Farm House, Rotherfield has age 11, birthplace Rotherfield

2a: ; Secondary evidence
1871 census for Moses, Rotherfield has age 1, birthplace Rotherfield, Daughter

2b: ; Secondary evidence
1891 census for Shadwell Farm, Hurstwood has age 21, birthplace Rotherfield, Daughter

2c: "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
Female Brooman, June quarter 1870, Uckfield district, Volume 2b, Page 99

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