Family [F2154]



Owen HARMAN [P3683] = Charlotte Ann BRINN [P6587]

Married 12 May 1904, St Denys, Rotherfield, Sussex, England


Born Jun 1877, Rotherfield, Sussex, England1
Christened 9 Jan 1879, St Denys, Rotherfield, Sussex, England2
Died 12 Jun 1909, Middlesex Hospital, London, England

Charlotte Ann

Alias Charlotte Ann HARMAN
Born 1881
Died 28 Jun 1954


Doris Anne [P6588] = John Henry DRIVER [P6591] > Family [F2155]

Married ABT 1925

Doris Anne

Born 30 Nov 1904

John Henry

Born 1904, Rotherfield, Sussex, England

Daisy Margaret Nellie [P6589] = John Henry BRINN [P6594] > Family [F2157]

Married ABT 1925

Daisy Margaret Nellie

Alias Daisy Margaret Nellie BRINN (ABT 1925)
Born 7 Dec 1906, Unity Cottages, Jarvis Brook, Sussex, England3
Christened 10 Feb 1907, St Denys, Rotherfield, Sussex, England

John Henry

Born 1906, Rotherfield, Sussex, England

Owen Harold [P6590] = Hilda EADE [P6599] > Family [F2160]

Married ABT 1930

Owen Harold

Born 8 Nov 1908, Rotherfield, Sussex, England


Alias Hilda HARMAN (ABT 1930)
Born 1908


1 : ; Primary evidence
1881 census for Jarvis Brook has age 3, birthplace Rotherfield

1a: ; Primary evidence
June 1877 is the birth date written in the baptism register

2 : "Rotherfield Baptism Register"; Primary evidence
#346, Abode Rotherfield, father's occupation labourer

3 : "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
December quarter 1906, Uckfield district, Volume 2b, Page 108

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