Family [F2013]



Frederick FANNER [P5278] = Florence PAPPER [P6072]

Married 1911, Birdbush Chapel, Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire, England1


Born 1886, Tisbury District, Wiltshire, England2
Occupation: Groom (Domestic)3


Alias Florence FANNER (1911)
Born ABT 1889, Wiltshire4
From: Charlton, Donhead St Mary5


1 : ; Primary evidence
Marriage certificate. Frederick Fanner, 24, Bachelor, Groom (Domestic), Charlton, Donhead St Mary, son of James Fanner, Stone Mason; Florence Papper, 22, Spinster, Charlton, Donhead St Mary, son of William Papper, Sexton. Witnesses were Harold Crabb and Harry Fanner

1a: "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
June quarter 1911, Tisbury district, Volume 5a, Page 445

2 : ; Primary evidence
Aged 24 at his marriage in 1911

2a: "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
June quarter, Tisbury District, Volume 5a, Page 205

3 : ; Primary evidence
Groom (Domestic) is occupation given on his marriage certificate

4 : ; Primary evidence
Age given as 22 at her marriage in 1911

5 : ; Primary evidence
Abode is Charlton on marriage certificate

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