Family [F1896]



William FANNER [P5726] = Florence Ethel DOWDEN1 [P5727]

Married 1899, Ringwood district, Hampshire, England2


Alias Willie
Born 15 Dec 1874, 20 Chichester Terrace, Southampton, England3
Died 1968, Christchurch, Dorset, England4

Florence Ethel

Alias Florence Ethel FANNER
Died 18 Feb 1959, Ringwood, Hampshire, England5


Irene Dorothy [P5754]

Born 26 Oct 1902, Ringwood district, Hampshire, England6


1 : "CD of Fanner information"; Questionable
Surname JAMES is questionable according to Peter Lewis - note DOWDEN according to FreeBMD

2 : "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
September quarter, Ringwood district, Volume 2b, Page 1454 (William Fanner, Florence Ethel Dowden)

3 : ; Primary evidence
Birth certificate - Willie son of Sarah Fanner (dependant on friends), 20 Chichester Terrace

3a: ; Secondary evidence
1881 census for Christchurch Street, Ringwood, Hampshire, England has age 6, birthplace Ringwood "Willie", grandson

3b: ; Secondary evidence
Willie Fanner, March quarter 1875, Southampton district, Volume 2c, Page 10

4 : "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
March quarter 1968, Christchurch district, Aged 93, Volume 68, Page 344

5 : "CD of Fanner information"; Secondary evidence

6 : "CD of Fanner information"; Secondary evidence

6a: "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
December quarter 1902, Ringwood district, Volume 2b, Page 652

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