Family [F1868]



Edward FANNER [P5657] = Ellen Elizabeth PAINTER [P7406]

Married 1892, Blandford, Dorset, England1


Born 11 Nov 1868, Tarrant Gunville, Dorset, England2
Christened 27 Dec 1868, Tarrant Gunville, Dorset, England3
Died 1955, Southampton, England4

Ellen Elizabeth

Alias Ellen Elizabeth FANNER (1892)


Geoffrey Edward [P5907] = Dorothea BOTTACCI [P5908] > Family [F1958]

Married 1923, Worcester, England5

Geoffrey Edward

Born 1893, East Ashford, Kent, England6
Died 1938, Hammersmith, London, England7


Alias Dorothea FANNER
Born 1923, Worcester, England8

Henry [P5909]

Born 1894, East Ashford, Kent, England9
Died 1894, East Ashford, Kent, England10

Margery Frances [P5910]

Born 1906, Chelmsford, Essex, England11


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