Family [F1851]



Hensleigh FANNER [P5591] = Sophia Mary Ann KENDALL [P5593]

Married 2 Dec 1891, Parish Church, Deveral Courtney, Shroton, Dorset, England1


Alias Hensley
Born 3 May 1833, Tarrant Gunville, Dorset, England2
Christened 14 Apr 1833, Tarrant Gunville, Dorset, England3
Buried 16 May 1905, Iwerne Courtney, Dorset, England4
Occupation: Gamekeeper6

Sophia Mary Ann

Alias Sophia Mary Ann FANNER (2 Dec 1891)
Born ABT 18367
Died 1911, Tarrant Gunville, Dorset, England8
Occupation: Domestic Servant9


1 : ; Secondary evidence
Marriage certificate. Henesleigh Fanner, FA, Widower, Game keeper, Deveral Courtney Shroton, Son of Henry Fanner, Woodman; Sophia Mary Ann Kendall, FA, Spinster, Domestic Servant, Deveral Courtney Shroton Daughter of Thomas Kendall, Carpenter; Witnesses were Mary Jane and Richard Fouracres

1a: "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
December quarter 1891, Blandford district, Volume 5a, Page 544 or 541

2 : ; Secondary evidence
1881 census for Mount Slo, Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset, England has age 47, birth place Gunville, Dorset

2a: ; Secondary evidence
1841 census for Tarrant Gunville has age 8 born in county (Hendy)

3 : "CD of Fanner information"; Secondary evidence

4 : "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
June quarter 1905, Blandford district, Aged 73, Volume 5a, Page 144

5 : ; Secondary evidence
Keeper is occupation given at Edward's baptism

6 : ; Primary evidence
Gamekeeper is his occupation at his second marriage in 1891

6a: ; Primary evidence
Gamekeeper is occupation on his son Henry's birth certificate

6b: ; Secondary evidence
1881 census has occupation gamekeeper

7 : "CD of Fanner information"; Secondary evidence

8 : "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
December quarter 1911, Blandford district, Aged 75, Volume 5a, Page 256

9 : ; Primary evidence
Occupation is domestic servant on her marriage certificate

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