Family [F1793]



George Henry FANNER [P3043] = Annie Gunson GUNN [P5444]

Married 1897, Cardiff, Wales1

George Henry

Born 14 Feb 1865, Coombe, Wiltshire, England2
Christened 16 Jul 1865, Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire, England3
Died 26 Jun 1927, Rue Tani Ibrahmilh, Alexandria4
Occupation: Catching tin works5

Annie Gunson

Alias Annie FANNER


Edith Gwendoline [P5506]

Born 1903, Long Ashton6


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September quarter, Volume 11a, Page 495 - email from Peter Lewis, December 2004

2 : ; Primary evidence
1881 census for Chatham, Upper Machen, Monmouth, North Wales gives age as 15, birthplace Coombe, Wiltshire

2a: ; Primary evidence
Inscription from Sarah Williams' prayer book in the keeping of Margaret Butcher (2005)

2b: "FreeBMD"; Secondary evidence
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1871 census for Durnsford Mill, Shaftesbury St James has age 5, birthplace Coombe

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Register extract. George Henry s. Jospeh and Emma

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5 : ; Primary evidence
1881 census has occupation catching tin works

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