Family [F1183]



James WICKENS [P3520] = Mary HALLETT [P3700]

Married 10 Oct 1826, St Denys Church, Rotherfield, Sussex, England1


Born ABT 1805


Alias Mary WICKENS (10 Oct 1826)
Born 1806
Christened 25 May 1806, Rotherfield, Sussex, England2


George3 [P3522]

Born 26 Sep 1826, Rotherfield, Sussex, England4
Christened 3 Dec 1826, Rotherfield, Sussex, England5

Ann [P8440]

Born 22 Jan 1828, Rotherfield, Sussex, England6
Christened 24 Feb 1828, St Denys, Rotherfield, Sussex, England7


1 : "Rotherfield Marriage Register"; Primary evidence
#190, him a batchelor, her a spinster, witnesses Charles Hallett and John Wood

1a: "Sussex Marriages Index"; Secondary evidence

2 : "Rotherfield Baptism Register"; Secondary evidence
Researched by another family member

2a: "International Genealogical Index"; Secondary evidence
Batch C135555

3 : ; Primary evidence
This person was born before his parents married - James is not mentioned as the father on the baptism register, but he was given the surname Wickens, and as Mary subsequently married James Wickens - assume George is his son.

4 : ; Primary evidence
Date of birth is written on the baptism register

5 : "Rotherfield Baptism Register"; Primary evidence
Abode Stonehouse - name of father not given

6 : ; Secondary evidence
Date of birth recorded in the baptism register

7 : "Sussex Weald Website"; Secondary evidence

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