Family [F1167]



James JENNER [P3446] =


Born ABT 18091
Died BEF 18852
Buried 17 Jan 1885, Battle, Sussex, England3
Occupation: Superintendent of Police4


Theodore [P3445] = Hyacinthe (Hortrude?) LUFF (JUBB?) [P3447] > Family [F1166]

Married 5 Oct 1881, Batttle, Sussex, England5


From: Eastbourne
Occupation: Clerk

Hyacinthe (Hortrude?)

Alias Hyacinthe (Hortrude?) JENNER (5 Oct 1881)

Julia Jane [P4041] = Thomas GASSON [P4042] > Family [F1357]

Married 19 Aug 1885, Battle, Sussex, England6


From: East Grinstead
Occupation: Auctioneer7

Eliza Louisa [P4044] = William Selby BETTLE [P4045] > Family [F1359]

Married 20 Mar 1883, Battle, Sussex, England8

William Selby

From: Islington
Occupation: Schoolteacher9


1 : ; Secondary evidence
Birth date derived from age stated in burial register

2 : ; Primary evidence
Father deceased at Julia's marriage

3 : "Battle Burials Register"; Primary evidence
P180, #1435, James Jenner aged 76

4 : ; Primary evidence
Occupation given as Superintendent of Police at his son Theodore's and daughter Julia's weddings (1881 & 1885)

5 : "Battle Marriages"; Primary evidence
Entry #222
Both described as of full age, Theodore from Eastbourne and Hyacinthe from Battle

6 : "Battle Marriages"; Primary evidence
Witnesses were Sarah and Augusta Jenner

7 : ; Primary evidence
Auctioneer is occupation on marriage details

8 : "Battle Marriages"; Primary evidence
P123, #245. Witnesses were indecipherable.

9 : ; Primary evidence
School teacher is occupation on marriage details

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