Surnames beginning with Y

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YATES, [P3253]

YATES, Elizabeth (, Elizabeth) [P3255]; 1817-; Shoreham, Kent, England

YATES, Elizabeth [P3256]; 1858-; Shoreham, Kent, England

YATES, James [P3254]; 1806-; Shoreham, Kent, England

YOUNG, Ann (FANNER, Ann) [P7953]; 1779-; St James, Shaftesbury, Dorset

YOUNG, Benjamin James [P1749]

YOUNG, Doreen Reid [P695]

YOUNG, Emma [P1695]; 1974-

YOUNG, Frank [P1674]; 1913-1943; 23 Gt Brooms Road, Southborough, Kent

YOUNG, Frank Lionel [P1676]; 1937-; 62 Broomfield Road, Swanscombe, Kent

YOUNG, Harriet [P1747]; 1918-

YOUNG, Harry [P1744]; 1903-1970

YOUNG, Henry John [P7108]; -1917

YOUNG, Jaqueline Ann (LEWIS, Jaqueline Ann) [P1687]

YOUNG, John [P1742]; 1897-1958

YOUNG, Kathleen Florence (HALLETT, Kathleen Florence) [P170]; 1915-1989; 16 St Paul's Street, Rusthall, Kent

YOUNG, Kathleen May [P1675]; 1935-

YOUNG, Kathryn Ann [P2107]; 1993-

YOUNG, Lily May [P1746]; 1909-

YOUNG, Maisie Doris [P7087]; 1913-; 30 Harmony Street, Rusthall, Kent, England

YOUNG, Martha Rose [P1731]; 1893-; 15 Harvey Town, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England

YOUNG, Mary Selena [P1741]; 1895-1968

YOUNG, May [P6253]; -1922; Sturminster Newton, Dorset, England

YOUNG, Nellie Elizabeth [P1745]; 1906-1982

YOUNG, Nicholas [P1689]; 1965-

YOUNG, Peter [P1688]; 1961-

YOUNG, Robert [P7968]

YOUNG, Terence [P1677]; 1940-

YOUNG, Thomas Peter Frank [P2108]; 1994-

YOUNG, William [P1743]; 1900-1990

YOUNG, William Henry [P1739]; 1873-1945; 13 North Street, Clapham, Surrey

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