Surnames beginning with U

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UNDERWOOD, Katie [P779]

UNDERWOOD, Lee [P5356]

UNDERWOOD, Naomi (CLEMENTS, Naomi) [P5355]; 1970-; Cuckfield, Sussex, England

UNICOMBE, Hanna [P5126]; 1766-1811

UPTEN, Elizabeth [P2771]; 1625-; England

UPTON, Elizabeth [P6233]

URBAN, Diane [P7930]

URIDGE, Louisa Sarah [P4102]; 1851-; Forest Hill, Kent, England

URIDGE, Richard [P4103]; 1818-1870

URIDGE, Sarah Louisa (, Sarah Louisa) [P4104]; 1822-1881

USHER, John [P5505]

USHER, Sophia [P5456]

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