Surnames beginning with O

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O'BRIAN, Trevor [P6137]

O'NEILL, Raymond [P278]

O'NEILL, Raymond [P280]

O'NEILL, Royston [P279]

OFFLEY, Elizabeth [P1274]; Possingworth, Sussex

OGERS, Mary [P4777]; 1756-; Tywardreath, Cornwall, England

OLIVER, ? [P253]

OLIVER, Alec [P251]

OLIVER, Angela [P254]

OLIVER, Christian [P1781]

OLIVER, Lillian May [P4864]; 1900-1961; West Mead, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

OLIVER, Thomas [P252]

OPYE, Petronell [P1935]; -1629; Newlyn East, Cornwall, England

ORDISH, Clara Elizabeth [P8316]

OSBORN, Elizabeth [P2445]

OSBOURNE, ? [P690]

OSBOURNE, Andrew [P640]

OSBOURNE, Barry [P676]

OSBOURNE, Catherine [P680]

OSBOURNE, Cecil [P580]

OSBOURNE, Charles [P578]

OSBOURNE, Chris [P639]

OSBOURNE, Christine [P679]

OSBOURNE, Christopher [P637]

OSBOURNE, David [P602]

OSBOURNE, Dorothy [P682]

OSBOURNE, Douglas [P599]

OSBOURNE, Dudley [P598]

OSBOURNE, Esme [P641]

OSBOURNE, Grant [P609]

OSBOURNE, Henry [P581]

OSBOURNE, Jane [P665]

OSBOURNE, Jane Hill (COLLINS, Jane Hill) [P355]; 1878-1959; Egloshayle, Cornwall, England

OSBOURNE, Jennifer [P658]

OSBOURNE, Judith [P632]

OSBOURNE, Lauren Jane [P607]

OSBOURNE, Mary Ann [P3965]; 1805-1886; Fletching, Sussex, England

OSBOURNE, Maureen Ann [P619]

OSBOURNE, Michael [P604]

OSBOURNE, Pamela [P652]

OSBOURNE, Patricia [P629]

OSBOURNE, Phillip [P625]

OSBOURNE, Phillip [P630]

OSBOURNE, Richard [P678]

OSBOURNE, Richard [P505]; 1875-1954; Egloshayle, Cornwall, England

OSBOURNE, Richard Cecil [P616]

OSBOURNE, Roger [P624]

OSBOURNE, Samuel [P579]

OSBOURNE, Sara (SCRASE, Sara) [P7992]

OSBOURNE, Sheila [P612]

OSBOURNE, Steven [P601]

OSBOURNE, Susan [P627]

OSBOURNE, Vivienne [P605]

OSBOURNE, William [P7991]

OSBOURNE, kelly [P610]

OSMAN, Muriel Rose [P8209]; 1925-

OSMAN, Rachel [P7014]; 1837-

OTTAWAY, Arthur George [P7727]


OTTAWAY, Joan May [P118]; 1927-2001; Elham district, England

OVENDEN, Harriett [P3492]; 1800-; Rotherfield, Sussex, England

OWEN, Barbara (STANDEN, Barbara) [P4445]; 1831-1881; Longstowe, Cambridgeshire, England

OWEN, John [P4446]; 1831-1881; St Ives, Huntingdonshire, England

OXFORD, Frances (Fanny) [P5446]

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