Family [F735]



(Alex) George Alexander ROBERTS [P2093] = Jeanette Lois HALKSWORTH [P2092]

Married 24 Jan 1959, St Paul's Church, Grindrod, BC, Canada

(Alex) George Alexander

Born 23 Mar 1935, Enderby, BC, Canada
From: Family from Shropshire
Occupation: Electrician

Jeanette Lois

Alias Jeanette Lois ROBERTS (24 Jan 1959)
Born 10 Apr 1934, Grindrod, BC, Canada
Occupation: Hair dresser

Lois as a little girl
Lois as a little girl

Lois Halksworth & Gilbert Monk
Lois Halksworth & Gilbert Monk


Kathleen Susan [P2097] = Garwood RUSSEL [P2306] > Family [F812]

Kathleen Susan

Born 12 Dec 1959, Enderby, BC, Canada
Occupation: Artist


Born 5 Jun 1926, Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Cleric

George Edward [P2098] = Frances LARTER [P2303] > Family [F811]

George Edward

Alias Geordie
Born 22 Feb 1961, Enderby, BC, Canada
Occupation: Musician


Born 24 Jan 1964, Leeds, England
Occupation: School Teacher

Jennifer Joyce [P2099] = Glen BUCHANAN [P2300] > Family [F810]

Jennifer Joyce

Alias Jennifer Joyce BUCHANAN
Alias Jennifer Joyce SCHAAB
Born 18 Aug 1962, Enderby, BC, Canada
Occupation: Retail Clerk


Born 7 Sep 1968
Occupation: Tow Truck Driver

    = Roy SCHAAB [P2653] > Family [F931]

Married Never married

Perry Samuel [P2100]

Born 19 Apr 1970, Lillooet, BC, Canada (Adopted)
Occupation: Labourer

Robert Stanley [P2101] = Heidi BURKE [P2298] > Family [F809]

Married 30 Aug 1997, 25 Waterside Road, Enderby, British Columbia

Robert Stanley

Born 29 Aug 1971, Enderby, BC, Canada
Occupation: Mechanic


Alias Heidi ROBERTS (3 Aug 1997)
Born 3/3/19??


Alex & Lois Roberts, September 1998
Alex & Lois Roberts, September 1998

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