Former Congregational Church, Mount Pleasant Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent - 23rd January 2005

This superb building is now a Habitat store, which was open on for business, although trade seemed slack on this cold Sunday afternoon.

Former Congregational Church, Tunbridge Wells, 23rd January 2005 - MTC

The wonderful image below, and the description below are from the 1886 Pelton's guide to Tunbridge Wells:

Former Congregational Church, Tunbridge Wells, Pelton - 1898

"Mount Pleasant Congregational Church stands in a central position on the western side of Mount Pleasant Road, at its junction with York Road. An Independent congregation was revived in Tunbridge Wells in the year 1830, and occupied for several years the old Presbyterian meeting-house on Mount Sion, which, after having been closed since 1814 was enlarged and repaired at a cost exceeding 700, chiefly at the expense of the late Thomas Wilson, Esq. The necessity of providing increased accommodation led to the erection of the present church, which was opened on the 20th January 1848.  Many alterations and improvements have since been made, and there are seats for 800 persons. The handsome Grecian portico, and the commodious schoolrooms, were added in 1866. The interior was completely reconstructed in 1871, and more recently has been renovated, and a fine new organ added, built by Forster and Andrews, of Hull, which was opened on April 12th, 1885.  It contains two manuals and pedal, with twenty speaking stops and four couplers.  Upwards of 9,000 have been spent on this substantial building.  It has recently been fitted with electric light.  Sunday services: morning, 11; evening, 6.30.  Week-day services: Monday evening, prayer meeting, 7.30; Wednesday evening, 7.  The Rev. G.W. Cowper-Smith is the pastor.  The Congregational Hymn Book is used."

Here is a view of the building from Monson Road.  The picture was taken on a winter Sunday afternoon, which explains the lack of traffic!  The Opera House is on the right.

Former Congregational Church, Tunbridge Wells, 23rd January 2005 - MTC

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